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Giving Back



The goal of this project is to bring the most beautiful traditions of Mexico all over the world and by Mexico itself.

This project is integrated by indigenous, pilgrims, as their name says.

They are located in the Estado de México in a town called San Felipe del Progreso with a community in Santa Ana Nitchi and Chiapas in a community called Pokolum.

In the Estado de México , the community is supported with clothing, blankets and they we are always in contact with doctors of the Gilberto Foundation to provide medical care and ophthalmological examinations.

In Chiapas the contact is different, since it is an indigenous group with much more closed traditions and they do not allow everyone to enter them, and they are supported with general medical examinations and also oral examinations.


KADIMA A.C. is a non-profit civil association founded in 1993. Their main objective is the inclusion and active participation of children, teenagers and adults with special needs and/or disabilities in five different areas: education, employment, family, society and community. Kadima is the Hebrew word for “forward”. And this is how we started, with the objective to acknowledge the existence of people with disabilities and to provide them with an environment of belonging and inclusion. Kadima was founded and legally incorporated as  Civil Association on May 18, 1994.

Kadima is recognized for its intercommunal work offering services to all institutions that work to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities. 

At present, Kadima has become a leader in the disability area, not only at community level, but in the entire Mexican society. Their work is aimed to promote equal opportunities for people with disabilities creating inclusive programs and services for people of any age, of any special needs and/or disability, becoming the only Institution in this classification in all of Latin America.

Every person that get to know Kadima has the opportunity to change their way of thinking about people with disabilities and join our cause. They have influenced more than 200,000 people through information, visits, or via contact with Kadima.

After 20 years of experience, the direct social impact of their services has spread out to more than 2500 persons, of which 250 are constituents (people with disabilities and/or special needs in all stages of development, since birth to adulthood), their respective families and people involved in their attention (professors, heads up businesses, schoolmates, coworkers, etc.), and by doing so they have built an environment for acceptance of diversity.